Licensing with StackHub

How to sell on StackHub

Organizations may sell products and licences on StackHub. To do so, 3 things are required:

  1. A Product to sell
  2. A linked Stripe account and checkout
  3. Licensing preferences for selling
A Product to Sell

A product can either sell a StackHub package, a bundle of points, or both. | Generated license files may then be (optionally) constrained for use by a specific SkyArc license, or a SkyArc orgaanization, and given an expiry date. | These details are expressed as properties in the license file.

You may also add custom properties to license files should you wish to encode extra details.

Note that individual licence files may be hand edited by the vendor after a sale.

A linked Stripe account

Products are created and configured in your own Stripe shop. | Stripe must be linked correctly with StackHub to display these products for sale. | Invoices, receipts, and currency options are all controlled from your Stripe account.

StackHub enables you to market your products, and send customers to your Stripe checkout.

Licensing preferences

With every successful sale, StackHub will then provide an automatically generated license file. | Therefore each license configuration is tied to an individual product.

Each license file configuration must be set up in advance of any sales.