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This pod is a tool used to write to NHaystack without any axon code.
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Version 3.1.9 Available
Eric FishThu 20th Jun

Is there a 3.1.9 version available yet? I downloaded 3.1.9 version of bassgNhaystackImportEnhanced, but I don't have a version of bassgNiagaraBuilder to use with it.

Alper UzmezlerWed 26th Jun

I just released it.

Eric FishWed 26th Jun

Great. Thank you very much!

Eric FishWed 26th Jun

Alper, After trying the updated verson, I realized I have the same issue with this as I did with the bassgNhaystackImportEnhanced tool, the folder levels don't drill deep enough to reach all the equips or points. Again not sure if there is a work around.

Thanks Eric

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