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Fantom Factory E-Learning is a completely new way to learn SkySpark
Emma EynonFri 1st May

Fantom Factory's unique E-Learning courses are now available!

Perhaps you have a new SkySpark client who needs to learn about how to use their new software? Or perhaps a new programmer joined your development team?

Visit our website to purchase a course access code and get started immediately on our self-contained learning - with no software installation required.

SkySpark Analyst

Use our own SkySpark software hosted within the course to find SkySpark data. You will work through a variety of interactive exercises and quizzes to gain a real experience of using SkySpark as part of our scenarios and storylines.

View SkySpark Analyst

Axon Core

This is ideal for new SkySpark programmers to get a good understanding of how to use Axon, without application to SkySpark. Our custom-made Axon Programming Console tests your code - not the result. We guide you through creating Axon expressions and functions as part of a thorough and robust syllabus of using Axon as a pure programming language.

View Axon Core

Visit our website to find out more, or get in touch!

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