bfitSmapExt 2.0.1

sMAP Connector Extension


This connector is able to connect SkySpark to an sMAP server. You can sync historical data, write current data, search the device in the Builder app and bind points.

To contribute, please submit a pull request here.


To set up a new connection, get the API url to the sMAP server you would like to connect to. Generally, this will end with `/backend/`. Also get an API key from this server. Next, set up a new bfitSmapConn in the Connectors view, and enter the API key as the password. Ping to test that the servers can communicate.

Next, follow whatever site building process is desired. You may learn and bind points via the Builder app, or export a list of the available points and write an axon processor.


Trendr is a product from Building Robotics. The default uri to their sMAP api is Note that by default, you can only make 100 API calls to Trendr every 15 minutes.


This extension is licensed under the MIT license.

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