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curExpire, maxExpire tags on Skyspark
Jennifer Escandor7th May 2021


I want to ask about the curExpire and maxExpire tags that are added to the bfitDesigo connector in Skyspark? What is the purpose of those tags? We are currently experiencing a connection fault from our bfitDesigo Connector (receving Invalid HTTP Response error). We can't point out the root cause, but I suspect the curExpire tag has something to do with it, because the curExpire value (May 5 2021) is already past the current date (right now it is May 7 2021). Does this mean that we must renew something on our side? I believe we do not have any license issues at the moment.

Thank you

Justin Sampson7th May 2021

Invalid HTTP Response is the standard error when the connector does not receive a response from the control system within the HTTP timeout window.

You shouldn't need to worry about the curExpire and maxEpire tags. Those are used internally for managing the authentication token to the control system. They are not related to licensing in any way.

Check that you still have web access to the control system from Skyspark and that your user account for Desigo is still valid.

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