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Value Updates/day clarification
Daniel ImperialeThu 4th Feb

We're trying to determine scaling for our connector. Could you clarify what the 250,000 value updates/day means?

We will have 150,000 points in our Desigo server and would like to read from 75k-100k of them. Does that mean I can only read them ~twice a day if we used value updates? (or ~3 updates per second) If that were the case we would obviously try to optimize our system to use trendlogs where available.

At our scale with half our buildings on P2 and half on bacnet we're going to hit a bottleneck somewhere and I don't know where that is yet but I'm trying to plan ahead for the inevitable.

Justin SampsonThu 4th Feb

These values were included in the Desigo WSI documentation. We reached out to Siemens to try to get clarification ourselves and we were not able to find someone who had more information.

We've used the connector on a site with 40,000 points and gathered data from them every 15 minutes for several months without running into any kind of limiting issue.

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