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TimeZone issue
Syed Suhail11th Apr 2019

I have successfully deployed Desigo connector but having issues with the out of sync timezone. The data being collected is in UTC and needs to be converted to LA time zone. Please suggest a convenient way of fixing the issue.

Justin Sampson11th Apr 2019

The connector handles the incoming data in the UTC timezone by default but should automatically convert to the timezone in the tz tag on each point during the syncHis function.

Syed Suhail11th Apr 2019

Does the connector perform any timezone transformation if the incoming (source) data is not a UTC time and in the same timezone as of SkySpark point? I am running into situation where the Desigo trended data is in PDT timezone and I am noticing a 7 hour offset. Is it a possibility if the connector would consider a PDT timezone at the source as UTC?

Justin Sampson11th Apr 2019

The connector will take into account the timezone of the incoming data and perform a transformation to the timezone of the point. If there is no difference between the two then you shouldn't see any change.

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