Connector for Siemens Desigo API
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Jake MacArthur8th Mar 2019

Please add any suggestions for improvement of the connector to this topic

Daniel ImperialeThu 4th Feb

Is it possible to get schedules in through the connector? I just started using it so forgive me if this is already available. I attempted to read a schedule and it only returned a 1/0. I was hoping to see a long string that I could then parse up.

Great connector! Thanks for putting in the time on this.

Justin SampsonThu 4th Feb

That is a good question. The sync cur functionality will only grab the value property which may not be what you want in this case.

There is a function you can try to get paths to the other properties but it isn't fully supported. I'm not sure if it will solve your problem or not but you might check to see if there is anything else useful there.

The function is: getProperties(connRec, objId) Where connRec is your connector record and objId is a string that is the path you want to find properties for. The objId should be any path that you would normally see in the bfitDesigoCur field.

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