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Jake MacArthur8th Mar 2019

Please add any bugs, issues, or challenges that you are encountering to this topic

Daniel ImperialeMon 22nd Mar

I'm only able to see unit and unitDescriptor fields for the points in desigo that aren't trended. Is that correct?

The non-trended points show up in the root of the equip, for example - read(bfitDesigoConn).bfitDesigoLearn("api/systembrowser/2/9/Desigo1.ManagementView:ManagementView.FieldNetworks.E179.DSGE179AHU01.Points")

But the trended points require that I go one level deeper to get the objectID and in that deeper level, it doesn't seem to have any units. For example read(bfitDesigoConn).bfitDesigoLearn("api/systembrowser/2/9/Desigo1.ManagementView:ManagementView.FieldNetworks.E179.DSGE179AHU01.Points.E179_AHU_01_RF_SPEED")

We're on a newer version of Desigo so I'm not able to use the Builder app or the bfitDesigoExport() function so if they show up in those functions let me know.

Daniel ImperialeFri 11th Jun

I reached out via email but wanted to document the bug here as well.

I'm running into an issue with special characters in objectIds. Our vendor accidentally converted all our Insight points over to Desigo where the "." in the objectId got converted to a "ˌ" <-not a comma, it's called a "secondary stress"

Any time the bfitDesigoCon connector comes across that character in an objectId (tagged as bfitDesigoCur) it breaks the entire connector and ALL of the points stop updating, not just the point with the special character in the objectId.

axon's uriEconde/Decode seems to handle it fine and that is also available in Fantom so I'm wondering what is happening that it's breaking the entire connector.

Justin SampsonFri 11th Jun

We have used this special character without issue in the past. Could you expand on what exactly is breaking? Are you getting an error somewhere?

Did you update the points manually on your bfitDesigoCur tags? If so, what unicode character code did you use? Did you check if tag from the connector export matches what you think the reference is supposed to be?

Daniel ImperialeFri 11th Jun

I tried to both copy it straight out of swagger or click and drag in the Skyspark Builder app and both give me this error for all points after I add just one point with the unique characters. And the Connector export function doesn't work at all for us. That's an ongoing bug that I've mentioned a couple months ago via email. That's due to us using a p2 network for most of our buildings and I think the way you wrote that function it will only work with bacnet points.


sys::Err: Server request failed.
  bfitDesigoExt::BfitDesigoConn.onSyncCur (
  fan.sys.List.each (
  bfitDesigoExt::BfitDesigoConn.onSyncCur (
  connExt::Conn.onPollBucket (
  connExt::Conn.doPollBucketPoints (
  connExt::Conn.doPollBucket (
  connExt::Conn.doPollBuckets (
  fan.sys.List.each (
  connExt::Conn.doPollBuckets (
  connExt::Conn.doPoll (
  connExt::ConnActor.receive (
  concurrent::Actor._dispatch (
  concurrent::Actor._work (
  concurrent::ThreadPool$ (
Daniel ImperialeTue 22nd Jun

Let me know if you have a chance to look into this or provide me a build that provides more debugging. Like I said above, the swagger API provides a valid URL that works just fine in other restful applications.

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