Connector for Siemens Desigo 3.0
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Bugs / Issue Reporting
Jake MacArthur8th Mar 2019

Please add any bugs, issues, or challenges that you are encountering to this topic

Daniel ImperialeMon 22nd Mar

I'm only able to see unit and unitDescriptor fields for the points in desigo that aren't trended. Is that correct?

The non-trended points show up in the root of the equip, for example - read(bfitDesigoConn).bfitDesigoLearn("api/systembrowser/2/9/Desigo1.ManagementView:ManagementView.FieldNetworks.E179.DSGE179AHU01.Points")

But the trended points require that I go one level deeper to get the objectID and in that deeper level, it doesn't seem to have any units. For example read(bfitDesigoConn).bfitDesigoLearn("api/systembrowser/2/9/Desigo1.ManagementView:ManagementView.FieldNetworks.E179.DSGE179AHU01.Points.E179_AHU_01_RF_SPEED")

We're on a newer version of Desigo so I'm not able to use the Builder app or the bfitDesigoExport() function so if they show up in those functions let me know.

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