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Duplicate active sessions in Desigo System every 10 minutes
Jennifer Escandor16th Jun 2021


We observed that we are getting multiple active sessions from Skyspark every 10 minutes. We are polling our points every 5 minutes (getting the curVal every 5 minutes via bfitDesigoSyncCur()). Is there a way we can prevent this? From my understanding, the Desigo connector has a 10-minute timeout if calls are not made. But in this case we are running bfitDesigoSyncCur every 5 minutes, so the session should not timeout.

Thank you.

Justin Sampson8th Dec 2021

The 2.0 version of the Desigo connector adjusts the connectors authorization pattern such that it only requests a new session in the case that the previous (if any) session is flagged as invalid by the server. As a result, the connector is no longer managing extra session metadata and this issue should no longer occur. If you update, you can safely remove any curExpire and maxExpire tags from the connector record as they are no longer used.

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