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Deployment Questions
Jake MacArthur16th Apr 2019

Add your deployment questions to this thread

Paul Quinn13th Aug 2020

What type of web services interface does the extension use? Is it a REST API or the Soap interface used in the Excel macro example in the documentation?

Does this extension require any special Automated Logic Addons such as the Trend Export Utility Addon?

Are there additional Automated Logic licensing requirements for this extension to work?

Does a web services feature need to be activated or configured within Automated Logic?

What are the performance characteristics of the history sync interface? Assuming a daily history sync of 10 minute intervals (144 timeseries samples), how many many point histories can be synched per minute?

Justin Sampson13th Aug 2020

Hi Paul,

1) The ALC WSI uses SOAP.

2) No additional extensions are required.

3) I believe the WSI is on by default. The account that will be used to access it will need to have SOAP permissions. These can be set up in the ALC system on an administrator account. Additionally, it is possible to enable SOAP over HTTP in the case where SSL isn't available but I highly recommend avoiding that option if possible.

4) We've deployed 5 minute history sync on sites with several thousand points. However, the performance limiter appears to be the ALC database backend. In cases where the database responded slowly causing timeouts on the connector, we were able to resolve the issue by applying pollTime tuning buckets to the points. For extremely overloaded ALC servers, we've had to assign as few as 50 points per bucket. Unfortunately, I can't give you a more precise answer. It is highly dependent on the capabilities of the machine the ALC server is running on.

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