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Connector for ALC
bfitALCExtRelease notes

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v1.1 Release


  • Removes startup defc errors
  • Password prompt shows up by default
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ALC Connector - 100 points$78.00
ALC Connector - 1,000 points$468.00
ALC Connector - 5,000 points$1170.00
ALC Connector - 10,000 points$1404.00
ALC Connector - 50,000 points$1943.50
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Package details
Build date10 months ago
on 25th Nov 2020
Requirements SkySpark v3.0
Depends on
File namebfitALCExt.pod
File size88.91 kB
SHA1 e5bcf7cfaa7420e4fb1b102120a66e526d3f5acd
Published by
BuildingFitDownload now
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