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Altura Pelican Wireless Connector for SkySpark 3.x

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Altura Pelican Wireless Systems SkySpark Connector


  1. A "site" that has been configured on the Pelican website ( The newly configured site's url will be used in the pelicanConn record.
  2. Credentials to the site (username and password).
  3. At least one thermostat or power control module (PCM) device which is part of the configured "site".


  1. Log into the instance of SkySpark where you want to install the Pelican pods using an "su" level account.
  2. Navigate to the Host proj, Host app, Install tab.
  3. Search for the pelican pods, and download/install the latest version of the pod to SkySpark.
  4. Navigate to the project where the pods will be used.
  5. Navigate to the "Settings" app, left click the "alturaPelicanWireless" record, and left click "Enable".


  1. Navigate to the "Conn" app.
  2. Under the "Altura Pelican Wireless" header in the left pane, left click on the "Connectors" button.
  3. Left click on the "New" button, and enter the proper information in the "uri", "username", and "password" fields. The uri is the uri of the site set up in the "Prerequisites" phase, with a "/api.cgi" appended string. For instance, if my pelican site was "", the uri would be "".
  4. Left click the newly created connector, and then left click the "Ping" button to test connectivity. If ping does not return ok/open, check the username, password, and uri values entered into the appropriate fields.
  5. Once the ping completes, you are now ready to import points through the Builder app!

History Data Collection

Data collection on pelican points can be synced or polled from the pelican server. Polled points use the standard hisCollectCov and hisCollectInterval tags. Synced points use the function "pelicanHisSync" and supply a start and end date (similar to a bacnetSyncHis or haystackSyncHis call). For example to sync history on all pelican points on a project:

readAll(point and his and pelicanCur).pelicanHisSync(date(2019,04,10),04,20))

The pelican API prevents the user from synching more than 30 days of data at one time.

Setpoint Writing

Not every point from the thermostats or PCMs is writable, but writable points can be found (after importing into SkySpark) by querying for the pelicanWrite tag. Once writable points are identified, use the "Actions" button in Folio to write a value to the thermostat or PCM. Be aware that this will change the operating parameters of whatever equipment is tied to the thermostat or PCM, and can be detrimental to the equipment and/or building control systems.

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