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Kaiterra Cloud Connector for Laser Egg and Sensedge devices
afKaiterraCloudExtAxon funcs

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afKaiterraCloud_submit2FaCode(conn, code)

Submits a Two-Factor Authentication code & opens the connector (synchronously).

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@Axon static Obj? afKaiterraCloud_submit2FaCode(Obj conn, Str code)

Sync the cur value of the points from the Kaiterra Cloud.

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@Axon static Obj? afKaiterraCloud_syncCur(Obj points)
afKaiterraCloud_syncHis(point, dates)

Sync the history data of a point from the Kaiterra Cloud.

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@Axon static Obj? afKaiterraCloud_syncHis(Obj point, Obj? dates)
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