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Internet Chuck Norris Database (ICNDB) functions for Axon
afIcndbExtAxon funcs

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Returns a list of joke categories ( Str ) available on the ICNDB. These may be used in limitTo and exclude options when retrieving a joke.

categories : afIcndbCategories()  // --> ["explicit", "nerdy"]

joke : afIcndbGet({
  "limitTo" : ["nerdy"]

joke : afIcndbGet({
  "exclude" : ["explicit"]

See for details.

Fantom signature:
@Axon static Str[] afIcndbCategories()
afIcndbGet(jokeId: null, options: null)

Returns a joke ( Dict ) from the Internet Chuck Norris Database (ICNDB).

jokeId should be an Number, but if null then a random joke is returned.

options is a Dict of options. If jokeId is null, then options can also be passed as the first argument. Valid options are:

  • firstName (Str) - a replacement for the name Chuck
  • lastName (Str) - a replacement the name Norris
  • limitTo (Str[]) - a list of categories to limit the jokes to
  • exclude (Str[]) - a list of categories to exclude

The returned Dict contains the keys id (Number), joke (Str), and categories (Str[]). Example:

joke : afIcndbGet(461)["joke"]  // --> "Chuck Norris finished World of Warcraft."

joke : afIcndbGet()["joke"]     // --> "Love does not hurt. Chuck Norris does."

joke : afIcndbGet({
  "firstName" : "Emma",
  "lastName"  : "Statham",
  "limitTo"   : ["nerdy"]
})["joke"]                      // --> "Emma Statham can install a 64 bit OS on 32 bit machines."

Since 0.0.4, if no exclude or limitTo options are defined then, to protect the innocent, explicit jokes are excluded.

See for details.

Fantom signature:
@Axon static Dict afIcndbGet(Obj? jokeId := null, Dict? options := null)

Returns the number of jokes on the ICNDB.

noOfJokes : afIcndbNoOfJokes()  // --> 546

See for details.

Fantom signature:
@Axon static Number afIcndbNoOfJokes()
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