A jump game rendered in stunning retro 3D vector graphics!

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An extension for SkySpark v3.0.12+ that lets you play Escape the Mainframe!

Fanny the Fantom has been captured by the evil Mainframe. Help Fanny escape dodgy programming by avoiding obstacles and collecting bonus cubes.

Fanny must jump and duck through 10 frantic levels in this tense retro 3D vector game.

Can you escape the Mainframe!?

Escape the Mainframe

Use cursor keys to jump and squish. Hold [ UP ] to jump higher.

Escape the Mainframe is a simple jump and duck game to test your reflexes, rendered in stunning retro 3D vector graphics. Escape the Mainframe is written entirely in the Fantom programming language; the power behind SkySpark!


Escape the Mainframe is a little program I wrote to raise awareness of the Fantom programming language.

Fantom is great for advanced server side development, and Fantom rocks when it comes to web applications. But I wanted to show that Fantom is good for the fun things too!

Fanny the Fantom is the mascot for Fantom and was named by Andy Frank, one of the creators of Fantom, in a Forum post back in 2013. Pictures of Fanny can be downloaded as hi-res images, and as web-friendly Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), on the Fantom-Lang Branding page.


Boss Key

Like all good retro games, Escape the Mainframe features a Boss Key. Should your boss unexpectantly enter the room, press [ F1 ] or [ DELETE ] to quickly close the game and navigate the browser to the SkySpark home page.

Whilst playing, clicking the Boss tab will do the same.


  • When I navigate away, I still hear the game playing in the background!?

SkySpark doesn't announce when a View or App is loaded or unloaded so the game has no way to know when it should stop playing.

Currently, the best way to completely stop the game, is to refresh the page or use the Boss Key.

If you feel strongly about this, vote for this issue on the SkySpark forum.


Escape the Mainframe is free software and an open source project licensed under the permissive ISC Licence by the Internet Systems Consortium - it is similar to the popular MIT licence, only shorter!

Release Notes


  • First full release.
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A jump game rendered in stunning retro 3D vector graphics!
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