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SkySpark Connector for the Belimo Cloud API
afBelimoCloudExtAxon funcs

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Pings a belimoCloudConn and if successful, updates tags on the connector record.

Fantom signature:
@Axon static Void afBelimoCloudPing(Dict conn)
afBelimoCloudSetClientCredentials(conn, id, secret)

Sets the Client credentials for the given Connector.

Note this is NOT the same as the end-user username and password.

For development work, the id is usually Scripting.Project.DeveloperSpace.

Fantom signature:
@Axon { admin=true; } static Void afBelimoCloudSetClientCredentials(Obj conn, Str id, Str secret)
afBelimoCloudSetDebug(onOff: true)
Fantom signature:
@Axon { su=true; } static Str afBelimoCloudSetDebug(Bool onOff := true)

Sync the cur value of the points from the Belimo Cloud.

Fantom signature:
@Axon static Obj? afBelimoCloudSyncCur(Obj points)
afBelimoCloudSyncHis(points, dates)

Sync the history data of a point from the Belimo Cloud.

Fantom signature:
@Axon static Obj? afBelimoCloudSyncHis(Obj points, Obj? dates)
afBelimoCloudWrite(point, val, level, who: null)

Writes a value to the given point record.

Fantom signature:
@Axon static Bool afBelimoCloudWrite(Dict point, Obj? val, Number level, Obj? who := null)
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