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BuildingFit is a SkySpark contractor based in Salt Lake City with over 50 million square feet of SkySpark experience. We offer services in site construction, intelligent analytics, custom programming, SkySpark apps, actionable reporting, training, and SkySpark licensing.

Siemens Desigo Connector

The Desigo Connector provides all of the capabilities that you have come to expect with a SkySpark Connector, including:

  • Custom tuning
  • Learn functions
  • Graphical interface within the Connectors and Builder applications

In addition, we have included bulk point export functionality.

Read more about its on the product page.

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R Ext

The R Ext brings the power of the R statistical platform to SkySpark. It allows the user to query R from within SkySpark and returns results directly back into SkySpark, allowing R algorithms to be inserted into rules, KPIs, and functions.

Read more about it, and see some examples on the product page.

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Siemens Desigo Connector - 100 points$26.00
Siemens Desigo Connector - 1,000 points$188.50
Siemens Desigo Connector - 5,000 points$708.50
Siemens Desigo Connector - 10,000 points$968.50
Siemens Desigo Connector - 50,000 points$1943.50
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