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Welcome to the Alien-Factory product page on StackHub! Alien-Factory is the rubric under which I ( Steve Eynon ) publish software and related items.

Over the past few years I've become heavily involved with SkySpark, StackHub, and Project Haystack. As such, I've spent many, many hours crafting the software products below so you don't have to! Using my products means you don't re-invent the wheel, which saves you and your company both time and money!

Commercial products:

  • Axonator Ext - Encrypt your Axon code
  • HTTP Ext - Axon API for making HTTP requests and calling REST APIs

Free products:

With comprehensive skills in a variety of programming languages (Fantom, Java, Axon, Javascript, etc...) let me know if there's an extension or package you'd like me to develop for your business, or for StackHub!

Or to learn more about my experience in Fantom, see my other websites:

Have fun!

Steve. ( --------------------------- )

Axonator Ext

Fed up of people stealing your Axon code?

Want to distribute your hard work in a format that's not plain text?

Then encrypt it with Axonator! Axonator encrypts Axon code like this:

(name) => do
  return "Hello " + name + "!"

into Axon code like this!

(name) => do
  axonCode :
    "AxD:pl1PC1upIIiJZ0KtC_i_SQ::LZerFuPcRnnzUaKrxqr2yZamAvo08QsmVQSfze_MdYXLrS030of9" +
    "mbYrhxMwXRqXFktcj-qcrmLcs3NK0J2dsZWUcr8XjTqQ4xGYtBLRrwmtpsXVvjuZ8pWfRqoKnWFHUv9F" +
    "m8sLNGlM2iON_xqo_uTcWTMCAF11Yq0v2r3n3rrtSjOr5DZ_sgkRA0cjZ1whwaciNHLsLpdCu66DZS0T" +
    "HHN6ekt38qJbjyWYWE4TLjeQBrQZno6SJ61qDFF4wzXDonAcm0tGFCcv_p6G7wXKFz5qmkXTLabqmnYe" +
  keyFunc : (fnName) => ... fn that returns a secret key ...
  return afAxonatorCallFunc("hello", axonCode, [name], keyFunc)

Note Axonator is FREE for use in StackHub products.

Visit the Axonator package for details...

Go to Axonator Ext


HTTP Ext is an extension for SkySpark, and a commercial product, that provides Axon functions for making HTTP requests and calling REST APIs.

HTTP Ext has explicit functions for making GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE requests over http and https allowing you to modify all aspects of the HTTP request, including headers, body content, and connection settings.

There are even functions for uploading files and posting forms! The rich HTTP response object then allows you to inspect status codes, status messages, headers, and body content.

Visit the HTTP Ext package for details...

Go to HTTP Ext

Axont Ext

Axont Ext is an extension for SkySpark that provides a test runner and assertion functions for testing Axon code.

Now you can write unit tests in Axon!

Visit the Axont package for details...

Go to Axont Ext

Escape the Mainframe Ext

Escape the Mainframe is a simple jump and duck game to test your reflexes, rendered in stunning retro 3D vector graphics. Escape the Mainframe is written entirely in the Fantom programming language; the power behind SkySpark!

Fanny the Fantom has been captured by the evil Mainframe. Help Fanny escape dodgy programming by avoiding obstacles and collecting bonus cubes.

Visit the Escape the Mainframe package for details...

Go to Escape the Mainframe Ext


ICNDB Ext is an extension for SkySpark that provides Axon functions for connecting to the Internet Chuck Norris Database (ICNDB) and retrieving jokes.

Visit the ICNDB Ext package for details...

Go to ICNDB Ext


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