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Thu 17th Jan - v3.3.4 - Free Job Board posts for our subscribers

We now offer 1 free Job Board post each month to our private file hosting subscribers who pay for professional level or above.


Wed 16th Jan - v3.3.3 - Haystack tags

  • Improved haystack tag handling for package documentation.
  • Bugfix: Package forums can now be disabled for new version uploads.

Wed 2nd Jan - v3.3.0 - Job Board

Following on from our new forums feature, we now have a Job Board.

Advertise a project you need some development help on, or perhaps advertise your skills as an available developer! For a small fee, post an advert that will reach the Haystack Audience for a whole month.

Any StackHub user is able to reply for free.

7th Dec 2018 - v3.2.0 - Package forums

We now have forums available to use for packages on StackHub. You can choose whether to enable a chat forum with your released package.

This is great for customer support and releasing news and updates for your package users. It's also an ideal place to share Frequently Asked Questions and usage advice.

1st Nov 2018 - v3.1.5 - Package watching

  • New functionality added to watch packages.

31st Oct 2018 - v3.1.4 - Danger Zone and new subscriptions

You can now delete your packages on StackHub.

  • Added a Danger Zone to delete multiple packages - oh uh!
  • Released the new and enhanced subscription tiers.
  • Improved efficiency of automatic emails.

17th Sep 2018 - v3.1.1

  • Maintenance updates
  • Bug fix: Package versions page
  • Visual styling updates

9th Aug 2018 - v3.1.0.2

  • Added functionality for YouTube image urls.

8th Aug 2018 - v3.1.0 - StackHub Design Changes

  • Released newly designed "public facing" website pages.

28th Jun 2018 - v3.0.0 - StackHub Design Changes

  • Released new logged in pages.

While other web designers go Mobile First, here at StackHub we've gone Developer First! StackHub is in the process of being refreshed and the first pieces of this significant overhaul to go public are the logged in pages (v3.0.0).

This should make every aspect of managing your packages, channels, and products far easier than ever before. Enjoy!

10th Jun 2018 - v2.3.2.18

  • Bug fix: When changing your password, sometimes the page would automatically refresh itself.

4th Jun 2018 - Project Haystack Connections Magazine - Spring 2018 Issue

The new issue of the Project Haystack Connections Magazine has been published and this time it's all about "Tagging the World of Data". This is a great source of information for the haystack community and is well worth looking at.

Download Project Haystack Connections for free or review the press release for more information.

15th Apr 2018 - v2.3.2.16

  • Version numbers in package download URLs are now optional. Simply drop the version number to receive the latest package version. For example:

Thanks go to BAS SG for the suggestion!

2nd Feb 2018 - StackHub granted an A+ Security Rating

When it comes to browser security, no-one knows more than the people who write browsers. So when Mozilla, the creators of Firefox, award your site an A+ security rating, it's something to be proud of!

Observatory by Mozilla is an initiative aimed at teaching professionals to create a safer Internet. You can view StackHub's Observatory results here.

27th Jan 2018 - v2.3.2.0

  • Extra security measures have been put in place to protect StackHub against Cross Site Forgery Requests (CSRF), Cross Site Scripting (XSS), Session Hijacking, and more!
  • StackHub web sessions are now held in a database for interrupt free upgrades.

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