Noteworthy News on StackHub Releases

StackHub is continually changing and updating. Some of it is technical and behind the scenes, and some of it is website and UI orientated. Which ever it is, this page exists to keep you informed!

v3.1.0 - 8 Aug 2018

StackHub enjoys a face lift!

v3.0.0 - 28 June 2018

While other web designers go Mobile First, here at StackHub we've gone Developer First!

StackHub is in the process of being refreshed and the first pieces of this significant overhaul to go public are the logged in pages.

This should make every aspect of managing your packages, channels, and products far easier than ever before.


v2.3.2.18 - 10 June 2018

Bug fix: When changing your password, sometimes the page would automatically refresh itself.

Project Haystack Connections Magazine - Spring 2018 Issue

The new issue of the Project Haystack Connections Magazine has been published and this time it's all about "Tagging the World of Data". This is a great source of information for the haystack community and is well worth looking at.

Download Project Haystack Connections for free or review the press release for more information.

v2.3.2.16 - 15 April 2018

Version numbers in package download URLs are now optional. Simply drop the version number to receive the latest package version. For example:

Thanks go to BAS SG for the suggestion.

StackHub granted an A+ Security Rating - 2 February 2018

When it comes to browser security, no-one knows more than the people who write browsers. So when Mozilla, the creators of Firefox, award your site an A+ security rating, it's something to be proud of!

Observatory by Mozilla is an initiative aimed at teaching professionals to create a safer Internet. You can view StackHub's Observatory results here.

v2.3.2.0 - 27 January 2018

Extra security measures have been put in place to protect StackHub against Cross Site Forgery Requests (CSRF), Cross Site Scripting (XSS), Session Hijacking, and more!

Ever mysteriously lost your StackHub session whilst working weekend overtime? It was probably due to a StackHub update. But no more! StackHub web sessions are now held in a database for interrupt free upgrades.

BuildingFit becomes a StackHub Vendor - 5 January 2018

It is my pleasure to welcome BuildingFit to StackHub as a new vendor!

Their first commercial product, the SkySpark R Extension is now ready to purchase on StackHub!

The SkySpark R Extension (bfitRExt) allows the user to query R from within SkySpark and returns results directly back into SkySpark, allowing R algorithms to be inserted into rules, KPIs, and functions. This extension is also fully compatible with SkySpark 3.0.

Like all extensions on StackHub, bfitRExt can be installed using SkySpark's install manager - just make sure to buy it first! For more information contact -----------------------.

v2.3.1.0 - 6 December 2017

Want to get data up onto StackHub quick, but don't want to wait for manual approval of your new package name!? Then contact us about setting up an agreed naming standard (usually just a prefix). Then any new package which adheres to this standard will be auto-approved!

Email addresses when used for authentication are no longer case-sensitive.

v2.3.0.0 - 27 November 2017

A sizable technical release that teased components out into separate libraries. Going forward, this separation of concerns will make StackHub easier to enhance and maintain.

StackHub @ SkyPosium 2017!

14-15 November 2017

StackHub was a proud sponsor of SkyPosium - the worldwide SkyFoundry community event held on 14-15 November 2017, Dulles, Virginia, USA.

This year's SkySpark conference was a great success and enjoyed a full turn out of SkySpark developers, users, and enthusiasts. All of whom were very keen to find out the latest news and offerings in the industry.

StackHub attracted much interest and I look forward to working with many new clients in the coming year.

Not only did I get to meet many new faces and old acquaintances, but I also delivered a presentation on Axonator - the Axon Encrypter! Available exclusively on StackHub - see Axonator Ext for details or watch the presentation on YouTube!

In summary, SkyPosium was a great event and promises a very successful future for StackHub and our clients!

Big shout outs go to ATS Automation, BuildingFit, BAS SG, Crowley Carbon, Interstella, J2 Innovations, Kodara,and Lynxspring- it was good talking with you!

And also to ABI Advantage, Ambient Energy, BAM Energy Systems, Duel Fuel, Hepta Systems, IoTium, Prodatacon, System Solutions, University of British Columbia, and the many other firms I had the pleasure of conversing with.

And of course many thanks go to SkyFoundry for hosting SkyPosium!

BAM hosts Fantom Wars 2017!

3 November 2017

Robert wins BAM's Escape the Mainframe competition with a top score of 1702!

When the Escape the Mainframe game was released as a SkySpark extension on StackHub, BAM Energy Systems decided to host an internal competition on their SkySpark development server.

Due to elevated interest and fierce battles for top place, the initial 3 week Fantom Wars (*) event was extended to over a month!

(*) Named after Fantom, the programming language behind Escape the Mainframe and SkySpark.

The public Hi-Score server for Escape the Mainframe was upgraded to accept ZINC requests and BAM responded by creating their very own SkySpark View for analysing the top scores; including a Productivity Monitor!

For the closing ceremony BAM commissioned a bespoke winners cup and coffee mug, while Alien-Factory gifted generous amounts of branded magnets, stickers, and badges.

StackHub is proud to report that Robert, who attained the top of score of 1702, was crowned:

Fantom Wars Champion 2017!

Well done Robert!

StackHub Sponsors SkyPosium 2017!

26 October 2017

StackHub is a proud sponsor of SkyPosium - the worldwide SkyFoundry community event to be held on 14-15 November 2017, Dulles, Virginia, USA!

Not only is StackHub helping make the event a reality, but we'll also be manning an vendor exhibition stand. Be sure to pop by for a chat, ask questions, and grab some freebies!

Plus I'll be giving a talk on the second day in the Security Session explaining how you can protect and encrypt Axon code for FREE using Axonator!

It's going to be great!

"Looking forward to seeing you there!"


v2.2.2.2 - 24 October 2017

The package versions page had the Release Status field hard coded to 'beta'.

v2.2.2.0 - Google Analytics for Package and Profile Pages!

24 October 2017

Want to know how popular your Package and Profile Pages are!? Well now you can enable Google Analytics on StackHub and log page view events for all organisation owned pages! Edit your organisation details to set your Google Analytics Tracking ID.

Organisations may now enter a contact email address! This is shown on the organisation page, but is initially displayed scrambled to deter spammers.

When editing your organisation's website URL, the http:// scheme is automatically added if you forget to add it yourself.

Updated the client CSS framework to Bootstrap v4.0.

v2.2.1.8 - 17 October 2017

Instigated a daily job to backup latest package versions to an alternative location.

v2.2.1.6 - Friday 13th, October 2017

Profile pages may be re-newed and re-purchased to remain active for another year.

Should you change the name of your organisation, then the public URL for the organisation now automatically updates to keep in line.

Created this News page!

v2.2.1.0 - Better Package Version Management!

13 September 2017

Package versions, and not just the containing package, may now be edited. This includes file names, status, and readmes!

Have you ever just released a package only to realise you missed something out? Or maybe you're sick of having a 100 different package versions cluttering up your package pages?

No more, for now you can also delete individual package versions! This functionality lets you re-release a newly broken package or tidy up previous releases.

The StackHub home page now lists new packages and recently updated package versions.

v2.2.0.18 - Fandoc Tables and Syntax Highlighting!

30 August 2017

Added support for syntax highlighting and table rendering in package readmes and profile pages.

To apply syntax highlighting to preformatted text, prefix the first line with syntax:XXXX where XXXX is the name of the syntax to use. Common syntaxes include: axon, csharp, css, fantom, html, java, javascript, and xml.

syntax: axon

exampleFunc : (a, b) => do
	return a + b

To render a HTML table, use preformatted text with table: as the first line. Table parsing is simple, but expressive. The first line to start with a - character defines where the column boundaries are. All lines before are table headers, all lines after are table data.


Full Name	First Name  Last Name
-----------  ----------  ---------
John Smith   John		Smith
Fred Bloggs  Fred		Bloggs
Bruce Wayne  Bruce	   Wayne

Packages may be linked to with fandoc links in the format [AxonT]`pkg:afAxont`.

Product purchase buttons may be rendered with fandoc links in the format [Buy My Product]`buyProduct:XXXX-XXXX` where XXXX is the product ID.

v2.2.0.14 - 13 August 2017

How many times has your package been downloaded? Don't know!? Well look in the package sidebar! For now, this information is only visible to package owners.

All documentation is now edited on StackHub using Fantom's fandoc syntax. Note markdown is still read and supported when uploading package versions.

v2.2.0.12 - 7 August 2017

Newly created packages are now private until a package version is uploaded against it. This allows owners to make it officially private (by adding it to a channel) before anyone sees it.

If you've just sold a product on StackHub, you're probably going to want to know about it! So StackHub now sends vendors an email notification whenever they make a successful sale.

Vendors are required to have purchased a profile page in order to sell products. This small logic change allows products to be sold even if the profile page is offline.

Want to put contact information in your product pages but scared it may be leeched by email spammers!?Then fear not! All mailto: links in fandoc documentation are automatically scrambled - like this:-------------------- (refresh page to re-scramble)

v2.2.0.10 - 1 August 2017

New users signing up to StackHub have to verify their email address by responding to an email we send them. If that email got lost, or they never received it, then they were kinda stuck and unable to log in! But now if a user attempts to sign up or log in with an unverified email address, they see an option to resend the verification email.

How many times has your package been downloaded? Don't know!? Well, it's time to fix that... StackHub now tracks package downloads.

v2.2.0.8 - 30 July 2017

Published code for a LicHelper Fantom class to help find valid StackHub product licences on SkyArc systems. See the Selling on StackHub page for more details.

v2.2.0.6 - 27 July 2017

Beta testing is over! Licensing and Vendor features are now available to everyone.

v2.2.0.4 - 15 June 2017

Fed up of colleagues using your company credit card to make StackHub purchases? No problem, now you can delete your payment details from the My Payments page.

v2.2.0.0 - E-Commerce, Products, and Licensing!

11 June 2017

Organisations may now buy and sell products through StackHub - it's a BIG feature push that many have been waiting for!

With this bold release, StackHub truly enters the world of e-commerce!

StackHub already provides a file sharing system for organisations to distribute public and private packages, and this has now been upgraded to facilitate sales!

Making the most of its unique SkySpark, FinStack, and SkyArc integration, StackHub generates a securely signed licence file for each product sold.

Use the following pages to make the most of StackHub's most exciting features to date:

  1. products on the My Products page
  2. products sold on My Sales page
  3. and download bought licences on My Licenses page

Note that for first month of release, these new features are open to select beta testers only.